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ROATAN HONDURAS is a small island off the coast of Central America located south of the Yucatan Peninsula, and east of Belize.  Click here for a map.  Click here for weather.  The diving is excellent and best of all, cheap!  In most shops on the West End of Roatan, if you buy three dives they're about $15.00 each.  That includes ALL equipment AND boat!!!  Visibility is usually about 100' (look for streaming video on diving page).  Roatan is also known for the beautiful coral formations around it with aquatic life as abundant as it is diverse.  There are many caves and crevices to dive including the famous "Spooky Channel".  Drift and wall dives are also commonplace around the Bay Islands.

      You can get accommodations for $5.00 a night on Roatan!  Actually, you could get one in any price range.  You could also get one for as low as $3.00 but the $5.00 one is more comfortable.  When I'm on Roatan, I stay here.


       There's great food too!  cheap!!!

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         If you plan to come to Roatan, make sure that you bring a product with you called "Skin So Soft" to ward off the sand flies.   

        Most people are slightly irritated by these tiny pests, but some people have severe allergic reactions.  Prevention is the best medicine, and buddy let me tell you...   If you're allergic to these things, they will ruin your trip! ( this link opens a photo of a graphic nature)  

       I can't tell you how many times I've been asked how to repel sand flies on Roatan, because "Off!" doesn't work on them (Keep in mind that  "Skin So Soft" doesn't work well for mosquitoes.  You will also need something Containing DEET).  Sand flies are one of the biggest causes of discomfort and cursing on Roatan.  Once you're bitten it's too late.  I can't tell you how many times I've been asked how to soothe the bites of the allergic either.  You might also bring some internal and topical antihistamine, if you're prone to be allergic to bites.  I once knew a woman who tried soaking bread in hot milk and applying it to the affected area with bandages.  The only thing her remedy helped?  She couldn't scratch through the bandages.   I'm sure you don't want to hear the rest of the remedies, for some are outlandish and none work very well anyway.  Locals to Roatan will try to help with home remedies but don't take too much advice, some contradict each other.  The active ingredient of  "Skin So Soft" is citronella oil, so bring what you will.  


A word about Transportation on Roatan, Honduras

     The taxi drivers on Roatan, Honduras are somewhat bothersome with their horns, but they do serve a purpose.  The taxis are relatively inexpensive, and as long as you don't look like a tourist, you can get a ride from Coxen Hole to the west end of  Roatan for about 40 Lps.   I've never been able to get a taxi to the west end  from the airport (three blocks from Coxen Hole) for less than $10 US.  This is a good place to practice haggling.

      There's also the bus...  We sometimes call it the 10 limp limo.  For 10 Lps.  you can get a "bus" to or from Coxen Hole, from the west end of  Roatan.  All the locals ride the bus, and they're a pretty nice crowd.  or...    you can rent a transport of some kind.

      Getting to, and from mainland Honduras.

       There is a ferry that goes between the islands and mainland Honduras daily. The dock is located in Coxen Hole.   It leaves Roatan early in the morning (about 8am), arriving in La Ceiba,  two hours later (about 10am).  The ferry then goes to and from Utila, (another of the Honduras, Bay Islands)  before leaving the mainland ( about 3pm)  for the return trip to Roatan.  A round trip ticket will cost about $30 US or 500 Lps. (The conversion rate in Honduras is about 17 Lps. to the $.)

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Please!!! Help us conserve the reef around Roatan!!! 



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