We've been collecting video from particular dive sites in the Caribbean and here's a taste.  The footage on this page is footage that wasn't on the DVD "Dive Roatan" or "Diving The Caribbean", or is a clip of a much longer scene.  The DVDs "Dive Roatan" and "Diving The Caribbean" are packed with amazing footage shot by Vollie Ray.  You'll see full length scenes from the CESA turtle, to the wreck, to sharks, as well as dolphins!  It's all here in these two full length DVDs (Also available in VHS and Windows Media)!!!  They also have a photo gallery for you high res fans.   Contact us to be added to a mailing list.

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The first time you see this on a dive...

it's amazing.  School 's in session  


When on Roatan, I have the honor of diving with Juan the dive master who has been diving that reef for almost a decade.  I recommend you find him.   If you do find him, ask him about the barbeque at his house.  Most of these shots were because Juan has a sharp eye (I'm not saying anything about the other one) and points out quite a bit of my shots. 

Thanks Juan, this one's for you!!! The Octopus                      

This is a very large  crab at night.

Juan's favorite dive site is a place he calls Texas.  This was about a 90ft. dive.  The last shot in this sequence was a rare treat.  Here Juan finds a juvenile spotted drum.

No dive vacation is complete until you see a shark.  Here you can see a few.

This was the biggest turtle I saw while diving Roatan.